Gunsbet Install and play
Gunsbet Install and play


We highly appreciate the interests of our Gamblers and are happy to encourage your activity. Making bets on real money in our casino, you automatically move towards the best Status and accumulate Complimentary Points. Each time you achieve a new Status, you receive a more advantageous exchange rate for Complimentary Points, and we will also celebrate this event with a nice bonus – the higher the status, the more valuable your bonus!

Despite being a relatively young platform, Gunsbet has proven itself to be one of the best online casinos right now. Top security, fully licensed operation, simple website navigation, and a wide choice of various live casinos and casino games is provided – all of these examples are the reason for Gunsbet’s rapidly growing popularity. Reviews from players, both the experienced and new ones, stable flawless work can’t help but gain a certain reputation among gamblers.

More and more people all over the world have chosen Gunsbet. The developers of the casino appreciate clients’ trust and loyalty, so there is a brand new VIP bonus system created to make gambling even more comfortable and pleasant.

Playing Gunsbet online casino and making bets, you are paving the way to the most privileged status while collecting points. Comp Points may be exchanged to bonuses. General bonus terms are applied to these bonunes unless stated otherwise. The higher your status is, the more bonuses you can get, and the more valuable they become. The details of this unique and outstanding bonus program can be divided into seven statuses with more bonuses in each status.

Excellent gifts for every Status level-up, this event is definitely worth celebrating!
Gamble and earn Points and have even more fun with the game! Comp Points may be exchanged to bonuses. General bonus terms are applied to these bonuses unless stated otherwise.
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Status 1 Lasso
0 - 150 CP
No Bonus
Exchange rate: 15 : 1
Status 2 Revolver
150 - 1000 CP
Bonus: 100 FS
Exchange rate: 14 : 1
Status 3 Rifle
1000 - 5000 CP
Bonus: 200 FS
Exchange rate: 13 : 1
Status 4 Machinegun
5000 - 15000 CP
Bonus: 100 EUR + 200 FS
Exchange rate: 12 : 1
Status 5 Dynamite
15000 - 30000 CP
Bonus: 300 EUR + 200 FS
Exchange rate: 11 : 1
Status 6 Bazooka
30000 - 100000 CP
Bonus: 500 EUR + 200 FS
Exchange rate: 10 : 1
Status 7 War Cannon
100000 CP
Bonus: 2000 EUR + 200 FS
Exchange rate: 9 : 1

Seven Steps to the Top of the World

Status 1: Lasso. Congratulation on the start of an exciting journey in the world of casino games! Here you get the exchange rate of 15:1.

Status 2: Revolver. Here you can get 100 free spins, and the exchange rate is more profitable - 14:1.

Status 3: Rifle. Get 200 free spins, and the exchange rate is 13:1.

Status 4: Machinegun. You have reached the equator, way to go, bro! Here you can get 100 EUR and 200 free spins! The exchange rate is even more appealing - 12:1.

Status 5: Dynamite. 300 EUR and 200 free spins for you to enjoy for free! The exchange rate is pretty good: 11:1.

Status 6: Bazooka. You have almost made it till the end! Here are your 500 EUR and 200 free spins to make an effort for the final push! Don’t forget that your exchange rate has become better – 10:1.

Status 7: Cannon. You’ve made it! Great job! Now, enjoy your 2,000 EUR and 200 free spins. The exchange rate is the most profitable – 9:1.

So, why just play when you can start a long adventurous journey and get so much more than usual games everyone is so familiar with? Have an experience nobody has ever had and step up with the Gunsbet VIP system. We wish you luck and that you have a nice journey into the world of gambling, which is about to open its new side!

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