How to win at online casino slots?

What are pokies

Slot machines have existed for more than a hundred years, and during this period a lot of tricks were invented how to beat slots. Unfortunately, the time of the “one-armed bandits” is in the past, and they were replaced by online slot machines - and they cannot be deceived with the help of some technical tricks. In modern sites, the hacking protection system is so complex that experienced players have almost no loopholes. However, the answer to the question of how to beat online casinos in slot machines still exists - it’s only to accomplish this goal it will take much more time than before.

Secrets of playing slot machines

The secret of a big win on slot machines is the competent choice of slots for the game and the use of all kinds of bonuses that the casino provides to both novice players and regular users.

One of the most important rules for those who want to beat slot machines is the choice of coin denomination. As you know, in most modern online slots, the game is played on coins, representing dollars or cents. Before starting the game in the pokies, the player independently chooses how much the coins that he will put will cost. The higher the face value of the coin, the higher the payout for some winning combination, respectively, but the costs for each spin will increase significantly. And the secret lies in the fact that, despite the growing costs, you need to choose the highest denomination of the coin for the game anyway - because the slot machines are programmed for a greater chance of winning for players playing to the maximum.

For comparison, we present the payout indicators for standard coin denominations on slot machines: If you choose a coin denomination of 5 cents, then the payout indicator will be on average 92.5%. For coins with a nominal value of 25 cents, the payout will average 94.1%. For one-dollar coins, payout will be equal to 95.9% well, if you decide not to save and assigned a coin face value of $ 5, then the payout will be equal to 98.4%

Thus, it is obvious that you can beat slot machines and get a really big win only if you do not save on coins and play to the maximum. In this case, no one forces you to bet on all lines at once, so that the cost of a spin can be reduced. But it’s best to just choose a slot machine with a small (nine to fifteen) number of lines.

Winning in slot machines is quite real, especially if you select the most suitable strategy.

Please note that you should start by choosing a good slot, preferably with a maximum payout percentage. As for the size of the bet, it’s advisable to take big risks only with good chances of winning the jackpot.

Otherwise, choosing the most appropriate strategy situation will help

1. "Play and run"

This type of strategy is suitable for players with a small bankroll. Its essence is to stop the game for the selected slot, as soon as it turns out that it does not bring the desired result and the transition to a new slot.

This strategy works as follows: you decide for yourself how much you are willing to lose for this game and how many fruitless spins you are ready to go. The rate with such a strategy should always be equal, for example, to one coin.

As soon as you reach the ultimate loss or the number of fruitless spins you set, immediately proceed to the next machine. Usually, players move to a new slot when they reach the limit of 20 cash-free spins.

2. “One game”

Perhaps this is one of the most risky and costly money strategies. Its essence is as follows: you select a game and immediately make the maximum bet. If the spin turns out to be losing, then you should switch to another online slot machine. If the spin turns out to be winning, then the earned money should be divided into small bets and used for further games.

The main thing in this strategy is to be able to stop in time.

3. “Umbrella”

This strategy is suitable for reasonable players. She has no special rules, but the essence of the strategy is to gradually lower and raise the rate.

Usually, players come up with a certain template, guided by their bankroll. The size of the bet smoothly, without jumps, gradually rises and then decreases. For example, a bet size might look like this:

  • 111223334454433322111;
  • 122333455543222111, etc.

You should try out different options and apply the best in practice.

Bonus Hunting: The Secret to Big Winnings

Instead of risking their own money, experienced players prefer to earn money at online casinos using bonuses. The most useful assistant for those who like to play slot machines is the no deposit bonuses that almost every second company offers today. To receive money as part of a no deposit bonus, you do not need to replenish your account, and you can put the amount that the site has provided to you in any game.

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