What are pokies

Hundreds of classic and modern slot machines, card casino games and different types of roulette are not all that Gunsbet casino is famous for.

How can a player begin his path to success?

To participate in the lotteries at our online casino, you need to register by filling out a short form and indicating the following information in it:

  • Name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Telephone number;
  • Login and password for authorization.

Registration takes no more than 1-2 minutes. Upon completion of this procedure, you can enter your personal profile on the site and replenish your account using a credit card or online wallet.

How to participate in the lottery

Running our machines is fun and profitable, but even the most exciting ones can get bored over time. To avoid this, participate in lotteries on the virtual gambling platform: they add variety to the gameplay.

You can join the lottery at any time. Having replenished the deposit for the amount established by the rules, you will automatically receive one ticket. Also, they can be bought individually. Each gamer can purchase an unlimited number of tickets. The more of them you have, the higher your chances of winning will be.

To learn more about online casino lotteries, read the description. In it you will find information about the size of the prize payments of one or another event, the number of likely winners and the date of completion of the draw.

Who will win the jackpot is not known in advance. The lucky ones are randomly selected from the lottery participants using a specialized program - a random number generator. Winners are notified of the results by e-mail, after which the money is immediately transferred to their account.

Important information

According to the rules of the lottery, gamers participating in them automatically agree to the disclosure of their nickname in case of victory. Site employees can also interview winners. To play for money and participate in lotteries on the site, you can create only one account. If you violate this rule, all your profiles will be blocked forever, and the tickets you purchased will become invalid. In order to combat fraudsters, employees of the institution can at any time ask the gambler to present a photo or scan of their passport. This is normal practice. Do not worry: we guarantee our customers confidentiality.

You will not find such a chance in any online casino! You will find a stunning lottery with amazing prizes! The main gift to the winner is 500 euros. Do not miss your chance to get rich quick with Gunsbet casino!

The rules of our lottery are simple and clear:

  • You can buy as many tickets as you like. One ticket is different in cost, which directly depends on the deposit you have made. If you have made a deposit of EUR 10, then the ticket will cost you the same cost. If you deposit 50 euros, one entry into the lottery will cost 8 euros. The ticket price will decrease to 7 euros if there is 100 euros in your deposit account. Buying a lottery ticket from our online casino for 5 euros will allow you a deposit of 500 euros, and those who have left us 1000 euros will be able to purchase lottery tickets at the lowest cost - only 3 euros apiece.
  • You can win not only money, but also free spins in an amount from 30 to 100! This prize will be raffled among those participants who purchase ten or more tickets.
  • After the lottery, the winning participants will receive their prizes automatically - they will be automatically credited to the account of registered players of our casino.
  • The wager for winning is provided in triple size!

In addition to the rules, our casino has established several not difficult conditions for its participants. In particular, a player who buys a lottery ticket to participate in our draw must not have multiple accounts. Multi-accounts will not participate.

If there are any limits or restrictions on your account at the time of the lottery, the player is deprived of the opportunity to receive his prize.

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