Frequently asked questions

The process is quite easy. All you need to do is click on the “Sign up” button at the right top corner of the website and fill in the forms, confirm that you are familiar with the rules of the casino, and check your e-mail. There you will see a link, click on it – that’s all. Everything will only take about 2-3 minutes.

There is no need to worry. Just click on the “Forgot password” and follow the instructions that will be sent to your e-mail. Make sure you have access to this e-mail address.

No, not at all. Still, you will have to contact tech support. The process takes more time than the setting of a new password. For your own comfort, try not to forget it next time.

Unfortunately, not. Each gambler has the right to create only one account. For example, you can’t create one account on your mobile phone, one on your computer and one on your tablet. The casino policy is strict about this. Any user with several accounts will be banned straight away.

Playing casino games, users may find it necessary to change the currency to fill in the deposit, or to withdraw their money. Gunsbet supports a good variety of currencies. Just go to the wallet and change the currency – the process is quick.

There is a huge variety of currencies, including some cryptocurrency. We accept EUR, NOK, USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, PLN, CZK, JPY, KZT, KRW, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOG, and USDT. Choose whatever is convenient for you and enjoy our pokies and other games!

Congratulations! It depends on the withdrawal method you are about to choose. Usually, it takes about an hour, but if you want to receive your money on a credit card, it might take up to one to three working days. Usually, it takes a shorter amount of time.

These figures depend on a precise method and a payment system. You can get the full information by clicking on the “Payments” section..

We are proud to announce that we take no additional charges form our clients

The limits depend on the payment system and many other things, so, please, look through the conditions.You can get full information with all of the details in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

Not necessarily, but the casino has a right to demand confirmation at any time. This is done for your safety.

Usually, after you send all the necessary documents and papers, it doesn’t take long.

Nothing. The casino is happy to praise its customers with different pleasant surprises and bonuses. You can get familiar with all of the details in the “Bonus Terms and Conditions” or contact customer support. Our friendly staff will be happy to help and to clear everything out. Here «"Bonus Termas and Conditions"»

It means that your bets will all be summed up together till they reach a certain figure. For example, in order to complete wagering on a certain level, you will have to bet 50 times 100 euro if the wager is 50 and the bonus amount is 100 euro.

First, make sure that you have the right idea of how the bonus works. You are kindly recommended to study the necessary section. If you are certain that you are doing everything as it should be, but you can’t achieve the result you want, please, contact our support team.

Yes, sure. Our bonus program includes free spins, free pokies, and many other things to make the gambling process more captivating and compelling. Keep on playing or contact the team for answers.

We do all we can to provide gamblers with high-quality playing experience. Unfortunately, mistakes can occur everywhere, even if they are unlikely to happen. Try reloading the page. This won’t bring any damage to the data; the game will go on from the same point you left it. You can also try reloading your internet browser and clearing the cache. Once you begin having any difficulties, please, contact the casino tech support immediately.

You are recommended to set some limits on your account.

Gunsbet’s aim is to protect its players from different kinds of problems, including security issues. Our customers are valuable for us, so your info is in the right hands.

The decision must be taken seriously, as once it is deleted, the account can’t be restored again. Contact our support for the full info.

You are welcome to contact customer support at any time. Our highly qualified managers will answer all of your questions. Good luck!

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