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We highly appreciate the interests of our Gamblers and are happy to encourage your activity. Making bets on real money in our casino, you automatically move towards the best Status and accumulate Complimentary Points. Comp Points may be exchanged to bonuses. Each time you achieve a new Status, you receive a more advantageous exchange rate for Complimentary Points, and we will also celebrate this event with a nice bonus – the higher the status, the more valuable your bonus!

Casino Bonus: Everything About Promotions in Gunsbet

Best Casino Bonus for You

It is impossible to find a gambling site that doesn’t offer a list of generous bonuses on its home page. Everybody loves a great bonus, so it’s a winning case both for players and casinos. Players from different parts of the globe claim their free spins bonus and sign up bonus to play various games and get big wins. Meanwhile, numerous sites are glad to credit you a max deposit bonus because they attract new customers.

Everything that is related to generous bonuses and promotions is a hot topic in the community of iGaming. That’s entirely understandable — you cannot expect any casino to succeed in this business segment without full circle advertisement along with offering great games: blackjack, slots, progressive jackpots, and attractions with live dealers. You’ve probably guessed it: bonus campaigns are the most effective instrument to lure players to a particular casino. That’s why it is critical to understand how the bonus functions, at least basically.

This page will serve as an overview of how many variations of bonus are provided. What is more important, we will discuss what you should be aware of in the first place to find the list of best casino bonuses. And, of course, we will discuss how bonus offers work for new players in our platform. We strongly believe that it is universally recommended to keep a fair balance between tremendous promises in advertisements and an immersive experience in live blackjack. Read on to learn more about every type of bonuses, free spins, full guide to wagering requirements, and other things that you should be aware of if you want to discover an excellent platform to play.

How Many Bonuses and Promotions Are There?

Best Casino Bonus for You

At first, it might be challenging for an inexperienced user to get a glimpse of the list of all existing bonuses. Why is it like this? The answer is actually really simple: casino sites always come up with something new to acquire new clients as games are not their single focus. However, it is almost impossible to create something entirely new in this sphere. So, casinos most commonly just get creative with new names for every existing bonus type and codes for them.

And the reason why it's challenging to imagine a new bonus is a fact that plenty of them already exist. Users typically get disoriented when they see the range of promo campaigns presented by hundreds of platforms just like with numerous games. That's why this page is intended to be your trusted guide in the world of bonus.

It doesn't really matter if you're a newcomer to the iGaming community or an experienced, seasoned gambler — the information provided here will be useful for everyone. It is always possible to acquire new knowledge, even if you thought that you are ready with everything in terms of games. If you came across our site, it most certainly means that you're on the quest for finding a site that is worth trusting in.

We always strive to enable our customers to have the best experience possible. One of the core instruments that help us is our casino bonus range. Read on to learn more about every type of latest bonuses and how they are implemented explicitly in our platform for games.

Mobile Bonuses: Are They Any Different from the Rest of Bonuses and Promotions?

The answer to this question is entirely individual for any online casino under consideration. Some sites encourage their new players to use the mobile platform in particular by giving a list of special bonuses that are accessible only through your phone. However, we prefer to enable everyone to equal opportunities for winnings. Bonus codes that exist in Gunsbet are available for players on all platforms. That’s why you can effortlessly switch between playing games like blackjack, poker, and slots on your mobile device to playing on the computer and still claim the same generous bonuses!

What is Sign Up Bonus

Without a doubt, this is the most heard-of casino bonus among many promos that exist out there. The popularity of the welcome bonus is the most effective way to attract new players to play different games such as slots and online blackjack. That’s why you hear about this bonus on almost a regular basis as it’s the starting points on the road to big winnings through a simple bonus code. Now, we’ll elaborate on how this casino bonus functions and why users find it so attractive.

As it is evident from the naming of these bonuses, it is made to welcome a new player into a particular gaming platform. Players usually make their choice on whether to join a specific online casino based on several core characteristics. To name a few most popular features that everyone generally looks for in a casino: appealing design and interface, the availability of their favorite table games or cards (poker, blackjack, baccarat), a diversity of payment methods to withdraw winnings such as PayPal and WebMoney, trustworthiness of a gaming platform. In most cases, the quality and worth of welcome bonuses has the most impact on the final decision.

How do I claim a welcome bonus?

  • You register a new account in a casino where you didn’t previously have one
  • You make your first minimum deposit after the verification process is completed. Some sites require you to enter a bonus code to activate the promotion, and some do not.
  • A max matching deposit bonus is credited to your account. So, if the registration bonus is a 100% match-up, then depositing 100$ will bring you a full of 200$. The money is added instantly to your balance.

Suppose a particular person sees that a specific online casino meets their expectations regarding visual layout, games collection, and chances of winnings. In that case, they decide if the registration bonus is suitable for him or her. In general, bonuses themselves have nothing to do with the quality of available table games and such cards classics as blackjack and poker. Still, it serves as a substantial head start in the world of gambling. In other words, we can describe the registration bonus as a mutually beneficial deal between a gambler and a casino.

This deal could be characterized as an expression of great business ethics because a casino shows that it wants to treat you as part of the games community. A player is required to make a max deposit and enter one of the required code to get the welcome bonus. By depositing, a gambler proves that they are really interested in playing in a certain casino. In its turn, the site provides its new customer with extra added cash for betting on games. This way, they hint that this casino has financial stability, and it happily can afford to hand out the latest bonuses to their new players. So, again, the most recommended definition is that a welcome bonus is a scenario where a platform and a player both get winnings.

No Deposit Bonus — Keep What You Win

Cashback Bonus Is One of the Best Gambling Deals

We’ve discussed max deposit bonus promos, which obviously are the most frequently offered bonus on the Internet. However, it is also essential to observe the casino bonus that currently represents the second most searched inquiry when it comes to latest online bonuses and winnings from casino games such as roulette and blackjack. Of course, we’re talking about no deposit bonus, also known as “keep what you win” bonus.

The appeal of this exclusive bonus isn’t challenging to understand, really. It is essentially the same promo as the matching max deposit bonus that is given upon registering to play games in new casinos. However, no deposit bonus is even more appealing because you’re not obliged to input any of your cash into the account to claim this bonus. All you have to do is enter one of the promo codes and enjoy your games and winnings. That’s why players always search for this bonus type as they are eager to claim some extra added money without depositing anything of their funds for games.

However, no deposit bonus is gradually becoming a thing of the past. When gaming platforms only began to develop, giving no deposit bonus codes was a really hot trend. It naturally attracted thousands of new players to freshly created websites, but there was one issue. So-called “bonus hunters” appeared at that time. This definition described people who just took advantage of no deposit bonus on several sites and just withdrew the money without bothering to make any winnings from casino games.

This way, gaming operators began to take incredible losses and decided to eliminate the no deposit bonus from their websites. That’s why it’s almost impossible to find a games site that offers a no deposit bonus code these days, as sites have limited its use to a minimum. If they do, they are going to be most likely associated with insanely high wagering requirements. You can claim a no deposit bonus by receiving it for being a loyal, dedicated player on a particular website. But the list of such bonuses aren’t going to be anything substantial as you’ll be given no more than 5 dollars on average to play a limited selection of games.

So, we can conclude that no deposit bonus is an extremely attractive idea, and many players still tend to search for it. But you should know for sure that sites which promise you to hand out insane cash sums without any minimum deposits are most likely to be scams. Games’ operators just don’t distribute free cash because it is unprofitable for them — it’s really that easy.

How to Claim Free Spins

As we discussed exclusive no deposit bonus in the previous section, it is high time to discuss another casino promotion believed to be free cash. Of course, we're talking about free spins. However, this title doesn't reflect this offer's real nature, as it should be determined as "extra spins in slot games" for more accuracy. So, let's observe in detail how free spins bonus actually work and how you can claim them.

To put it simply, free spin gives you the ability to make a spin on a specific Vegas slot and make some money without actually betting any of your funds. To some extent, free spins bonus was created as a substitution to no deposit bonus. Gaming platforms quickly understood that it is much less loss-making than giving out free cash for games. Instead, they decided to enable players to have the ability to play video slot games such as Book of Dead or Wolf Gold, and even make real money without actual betting. Players from across the globe seemed to like this idea really much. That is why free spins bonus is an integral part of every gaming portal these days.

If it wasn't obvious enough from the title, free spins are meant to be used only on video slots as they are the most frequently played casino cage lately. In most cases, free spins bonus promotes a particular Vegas slot or a bunch of video slot games from the same provider. The idea behind that is straightforward: everybody loves free spins and everything related to it. So if a new Vegas slot comes out, there is really no better way of promoting it than to credit free spins bonus to customers so they could try the new slot games out.

Well, now the most crucial question is: how can you claim free spins bonus? Luckily for you, free spins bonus is usually attached to nearly every bonus that you enjoy. Getting a sign up bonus upon registration? You will most likely get free spins. A new Vegas slot comes out? A gaming operator will be happy to hand out you some extra spins bonus added to promote new Vegas games. Participating in various casino tournaments? Be sure that you'll definitely enjoy some free spins for your patience. So, in fact, this is the most accessible bonus to claim, no specific bonus code is needed for them usually.

Loyalty Programs: The Best Bonus for Dedicated Players

Loyalty Programs The Best Bonus for Dedicated Players

These programs are perfect for players who want to engage with a particular casino on a regular basis. It is another example of an exclusive bonus that is profitable in both ways. It means that iGaming sites are highly interested in growing the number of new players who stick around for a long time because it gives a sustainable cash flow. Meanwhile, players are interested in taking prizes for their dedication to casino games and involvement with a particular operator. The best part is that you don’t have to enter promo codes to claim this bonus. Now we need to discuss how these bonus code offers work for you as a player.

In a trusted gaming site, this bonus is implemented to work seamlessly. The only thing you need to do to qualify for these casino bonus offers is to have an active account and play for real money, no code is required. Every time you make max betting on a certain amount of real money, it converts into complimentary points (CP).

CPs are used to set your status within the program. You collect more and more CPs, and when you reach a minimum amount of CPs required for each level, you get new tier rewards. It’s effortless, effective, and entertaining — these are all the qualities that experienced gamblers seek in casinos. What’s even better is that you can get real money back! Every reputable operator provides you with the ability to convert complimentary points into real money. The exchange rate only gets lower with every new level.

To make things even more exciting, providers usually try to get creative with their loyalty bonus. The reason for this is not hard to understand. The basics of customer retention are relatively the same across all sites, as numerous casino reviews state. You spend real money on games betting, you get complimentary points, and then you claim rewards. Therefore, each online casino tries to make something special out of their bonus.

It can be anything, really. For example, in Gunsbet, exclusive bonus offers are designed as an arsenal of weapons. Upon reaching new tiers in the program, players unlock new weapons so that their cowboy avatars can acquire more power. This idea is really simple, but it is perfectly tied up to the overall visual aesthetics of our site. Therefore it is in the right place and it is recommended for you to check it out.

Some design their loyalty campaigns as a quest with multiple episodes in order to unlock hidden parts of the story. So, despite what it is, a creative bonus design always strives to perform one and the same task. It is to increase customer’s engagement with a certain brand of a casino site and give a chance to enlarge the player's pockets. So, suppose you think about playing in a particular casino from a long-term perspective. In that case, you should always be attentive to how their bonus is developed.

Can I Participate in a Lottery?

The answer to this question is surprisingly short: yes, you can! Lottery is actually a thing in gaming platforms, but the main obstacle is that it's not spread as wide as other latest bonuses of which you can make a whole list. Then lucky you are that you came across our site because we gladly offer this casino bonus to our customers. The choice of casinos where you get this bonus is limited. Now we should take a look at how it functions.

The overall principle is totally the same as in real life lotteries. You buy a ticket that qualifies you for participating in the race for big money. Each ticket is unique, and the ticket that wins (or tickets) just might come randomly in your hands. You can buy as many tickets as you want, and there might be more than one ticket that wins among them. So, these are games of chance and risk as you can't apply any strategy to it — you just rely on your lucky stars. Many reviews have covered this question, and we’re trying to give you a concise overview.

In our casino, lotteries are played out the same way as described above. The only difference is that you can participate in the our lottery only if you make a max deposit of real money into your account. This is actually an interesting technique because the max amount of money deposited at once directly impacts a ticket's price. Why is this technique so profitable? Because it's a winnings scenario for both new players and our website.

Let's explain how our lottery is implemented. Each time you deposit money into your casino wallet, you can buy a ticket in order to participate in the lottery. If you replenish small values, such as sums smaller than 50 EUR, then the ticket price will be as high as 10 EUR for one ticket. But imagine that you make max payments through PayPal valued 1000 EUR or more. In this case, the ticket's price drops down to just 3 EUR per ticket.

We strongly believe that it is the best approach to participating in a lottery. If you can afford betting big cash on your max deposit bonus that is used solely for playing on slots, then you might as well pay a few euros more and buy some lottery tickets. They would be extremely low in price, and they might as well be lucky and bring you unexpected and pleasant winnings. In our lottery, the prizes usually consist of real money and free spins bonus offers with an extremely low wager so that everyone can take their chance.

Cashback Bonus Is One of the Best Gambling Deals

Cashback Bonus Is One of the Best Gambling Deals

This is really one of the best bonus offers. The only problem is that it is even more challenging to find it than lotteries, because the number of sites with this offer is extremely limited. New casinos are rarely willing to deal you such bonuses. Such promotions are considered difficult to implement when you have other latest bonuses running on your gaming site.

So, how does this bonus works in the gambling environment? Pretty much the same as in regular life, really. The only difference is that in real life, you claim cashback for spending money (e.g., buying products in stores), and in casino sites, you get it for losing money in games. It is almost impossible to find a gaming site that would credit cashback to your account when you deposit money into your account. The cause for that is straightforward: casinos would take considerable losses from it, and that would be an entirely impractical business model.

That is why sites would give you this bonus only on your net loss if they provide any. The main cause why this bonus is among the best ones is that it is integrated to be seamless for you. You just go on with playing on your favorite video slots, and negative streaks will inevitably occur in the process. A website then automatically calculates the promised cashback based on your total loss in one week period. Then casinos credit it to your account in the form of real money. Many new players would find this model really suitable for them, but, as we already mentioned, this bonus is hard to claim in the best sites.

How to Understand Terms and Conditions of Bonuses

In all iGaming websites, terms and conditions are critical factors that set rules on how bonus offers work. That’s why you must be familiar with them. Fully-licensed and reputable casinos like Gunsbet that are worth relying on always have their T&C available for all users to freely accept. Also, these conditions, especially the ones that concern bonus rules, should be understandable and clear. No fine prints or hidden terms should take place in such agreements. If you are still confused by some aspects of T&C (which is fine — these are serious legal texts, after all), you can always contact the support center as they don’t mind explaining all peculiarities to you.

So, what is the best way to figure out the bonus terms to a full extent? Really, there’s no better way to do it than to read them carefully. Reading reviews might be helpful as well. What you should be paying attention to is primarily the obligation to meet the wagering requirements associated with a particular bonus. The wager is the core aspect of the bonus that often gets many new players confused. However, if you’ll learn how to accept terms and conditions consciousnessly , then you’ll never find yourself in the situation where a casino bonus worked out for you not in the way you expected it based on T&C.

Wagering Explained: What is It and How to Wager

To make everything clear, it is essential to start with a concise definition of a wager. So, what is a wager in casino sites? The simplest way to put it is to say that wagering obliges you to stake a max amount of money several times to claim a particular casino bonus. This requirement is also referred to as “playthrough” and “rollover” by casino players. These titles somewhat accurately represent the process. You have to play through your bonus before you can claim it.

It still might be unclear to you how wagering is implemented. There is no better way to explain such things than to give real-life examples with numbers. Imagine that you receive a 100 EUR welcome bonus through the code, and the wagering requirement for this bonus is 20x times. Essentially, the wager rate is a multiplier that you have to apply to your max bonus amount. So, in this case, we multiply 100 EUR by 20 and get a 2000 EUR wager. It means that the bonus money and all winnings you might claim from it will be available for withdrawal only when you’ll have made bets for 2000 EUR overall (20x times rollover of the 100 EUR bonus).

So, to sum it up, the overall principle seems really straightforward: you just continue playing with your bonus money. At some point, the accumulated sum of your betting reaches the wagering requirement after you’ve placed bets several times. Then you can withdraw all the wins that you made with your bonus. Please also note that wager has an expiration date so you need to playthrough everything before it ends. Different casinos give a different number of days to fulfill the wager.

However, a couple of additional requirements make wagering a little bit more complicated to meet if you don’t follow them. First of all, there is always a max bet amount for appropriate wagering. It differs from one casino to another, so you should always check how much you should stake so that your betting would count as wagering.

The second aspect that is overlooked by some players is the contribution of games. It merely means that games from different categories contribute different max wagering amounts. For example, video slots nearly always provide a 100% contribution. So, all the money that you bet on slots counts as wagering of bonuses. However, such table games of cards as blackjack and poker, where the house edge is extremely low and winnings are easier, usually contribute only 5-10% to wagering so you have to place bets a lot times more in order to complete the requirements. That’s why there’s a risk that you won’t be able to fulfill the playthrough rules.

Therefore, you should always check the wagering requirements before you start playing with a casino bonus. Licensed casinos always explain their wagering requirements straightforwardly, and you can easily access their bonus terms and conditions. You are choosing for yourself if you want to play with the latest bonuses. Trusted casinos with a valid license never oblige their customers to play with generous bonuses; it is totally up to you. Bonus code system is designed to give you support to discover new casinos with ease. Still, at the same time, websites secure themselves with wagering requirements that are often explained in terms and conditions and privacy policy texts. So, use your bonus to your advantage if you want to!

Casino Bonus FAQ

What is a casino bonus?

Casino Bonus FAQ

Basically, casino bonus is a certain amount of real money or in-game fixed bets (also known as free spins) that are given by a casino to players in order to maximize their engagement with a particular gaming platform. Bonuses are always given on specific conditions which customers should be aware of, so casino bonus should not be treated as “free cash”.

Can you withdraw casino bonus?

The answer is yes only in case if you meet all necessary wagering requirements. As we already mentioned, bonuses are not simply free cash. Casinos would go broke rapidly if you could just take the bonus money and withdraw them instantly. So, be sure to check the bonus terms and conditions before you sign up to receiving a bonus.

Are online casino bonuses worth it?

If you treat bonuses as a tool for exploring a new casino without depositing too much of your own money, then yes, casino bonuses are really great. You can even make substantial winnings from it and withdraw them easily. But if you think that you can just grab a load of cash and put it in your pocket, then you might be largely disappointed because casinos won’t allow you to do it.

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