How Does Online Casino Welcome Bonuses Work?

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Now, stop thinking that each online casino is just a black hole! We have prepared for you a fair way to prove our customer focus. The main priority for us is long-term relations with our players. That is why every newcomer receives a welcome bonus even before playing slots.

Is Welcome Bonus Something Complicated to Use?

Casino bonus is when we offer you something extra, pleasant, and helpful. For example, free spins on several online slots, some on-site currency for online slots, or deposit bonus cash. Interesting, isn’t it? The main advantage of the welcome bonus, if compare to other types, is that in some cases, you can use it for casino games even before you deposit your cash.

We created this offer as a part of a welcome package because it’s natural for us to share and motivate people. However, you may choose whether or not to claim this welcome bonus. Depending on our promotion strategy, we can offer you a couple of different types of welcome bonuses.

“Just play” is our favorite. This type of bonus is a real mature approach towards strategic online slots games. The bad thing is you are not able to withdraw it, but you do not need to! You spend it when you make a bet. If you lose, your bonus balance decreases, not personal cash! The best thing is that when you win, the same amount of money returns to the bonus, and all the rest is yours.

You can withdraw it whenever you want, but only when you meet the requirements. Usually, it means you have to wager some amount of money to prove your loyalty and future participation.

“Free slots” is a bonus for the purposeful players. The process is the same as for “Just play”, but you need to be our favorite player for a little bit longer. When you reach this simple wagering requirement, you may take your money.

The welcome bonus is awarded when:

  • a player signs up or
  • a player makes the first-ever deposit

When you first deposit at our casino, the welcome bonus may be awarded to you:

  • just for the first deposit or
  • for several deposits (kind of extension for beginners)

Types of the welcome bonus are:

  • limited amount of cash (on-site currency)
  • percentage

It means that your bankroll may be increased up to a specific limit or by a defined percentage. You will see it immediately in your account.

As you have already understood, the welcome bonus is an obvious and simple way to make our relationship confidential and reliable. No complicated schemes are waiting for you, just the best slots and casino games.

Other Things for You to Know Regarding a Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses in our online casino are for active players who are willing to earn money right away. It means that the gift will not wait for you for years and years. Use it when you receive it.

Deposit Methods

In some cases, you can receive your welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. On our website, you may find almost all possible and convenient ways to make a deposit.

Each payment method is free for you. The only thing that you should pay attention to is the transaction limits. The difference is not that huge, but be aware. The most common minimum is 10 USD/EUR/CAD.

Withdraw Methods

Everything here is transparent and easily managed. The same payment methods are available for depositing. From Visa till WebMoney – whatever you like.

Almost all services provide you with an immediate money transfer, except for Visa, MasterCard, and Bank Transfer. There you have to wait for one to three days. It’s not that much. The minimum amount of money for withdrawal is 20 USD/EUR/CAD, mostly everywhere.

So, go back to the information above regarding the welcome bonus and wagering requirement. Be prepared that you will have to earn at least 20 USD/EUR/CAD. Use your bonus, do not lose time, and become a loyal player to turn into a participant of the VIP bonus programs.

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