How to cheat pokies?

how to cheat pokies

The idea of hacking online pokies, beating them and hitting the jackpot has visited most players at least once. Some gamblers say that it’s actually possible, others claim that it’s impossible. Of course, if it is possible to cheat gambling software, it is not an easy thing to do and takes a long time and much effort. In most cases, it seems to be an incredible task to beat the machine, since it has strong firmware, but you can improve the quality of your game and increase the chance of return on a pokie.

Tip 1: Protect yourself

Safety is what should be your main priority while gambling. There are several ways to protect yourself from sudden losses:

  1. Start playing only in a sober state and in a good mood.
  2. Allocate only your own money for the gambling, and not the savings from the family budget.
  3. Control yourself and not try to recoup when you lose.
  4. Set for yourself a personal time limit and the amount that you can spend on the game.
  5. Play the online pokies yourself, without pressing the auto start mode. Thus, you will be able to control your funds.

Tip 2: Practice

Before you start to play for real money, it is important to choose the machine that you like. If you don’t know what pokie to play, try a well-known and popular machine. Examine the frequency and probability of special characters occurrence before you start investing in the game.

Is it possible to learn all pokie features that are available? Yes, but for this, you will need both time and money. Make the minimum bets and watch the results. You will notice how many active paylines there are, and what stakes bring winning combinations. The paytable and gambling sites will help you to figure out different game features.

Practise can help you to decide on your style of playing. Some players stick to the rule that a pokie machine should bring a winning every three spins of the drum. If this does not happen, they launch another online game. However, if the machine brings winnings too often, for example, three spins of the reels in a row, it may also be advisable to change the title as random outcomes cannot be in your favor all the time. You can follow these principles or not, but, in any case, practise will help you work out your own strategy.

Tip 3: Introduce a strategy

Implementing game strategies is a frequent practice of many gamblers. Own strategy needs to be calculated for a long time, studying and trying different approaches. The strategy can be based on the outgoing symbols, on bonus rounds, on sticking to certain pokie types, and so on. Some players increase their stakes after losses, others raise bets during winning streaks. There are gamers who prefer frequent payouts, and there are those who hunt for worthy prizes.

You can choose your own manner of staking. In an case, it is recommended to adhere to the tips that experienced players often repeat:

  1. Do not go beyond the bet limit you’ve set.
  2. It is better to place the minimum or average bets on all lines or high stakes on several ones. Putting big bets on all lines at once is a quick way to lose.
  3. The chance to win the jackpot is higher on those pokies on which its amount is lower.
  4. Do not use bonus offers and promotions from the casino, because the majority of gambling sites do not allow you to win jackpots if you play with bonus money.

Tip 4. You cheat the pokie machine if you win

If the strategy you follow does help or luck is on your side, you will manage to get profit. And it’s important not to lose all your money before or after a series of fortunate spins. Once again, remember:

  1. If in three spins the pokie did not give a single winning combination, change the game. Do not wait until you “feed” it as you will spend all the money.
  2. After three winning combinations in a row, also change the pokie.
  3. Having won three times more than you’ve spent, end the game.

Another very important point – buying a way to hack online pokie machines

Is it possible to hack online pokies in theory?

Such an opportunity exists, since any online casino game works thanks to software. But only an experienced hacker, having spent a huge amount of time and effort, will be able to find vulnerability in this complex software.

If you are asked to pay for a secret way to trick, confidently refuse. You will spend money in vain, because:

  1. A hacker who has discovered a vulnerability will have no intentions of sharing this secret.
  2. The casino security service will certainly detect a hack in the software. It will likely happen so fast that you simply won’t have time to hit the jackpot.

Attempts to crack gambling software have been made more than once. Therefore, those who wish to beat online casino games should look for another solution.

The most effective way to win on pokies is to abandon your own greed. Your task is to stay in control of your emotions. And GunsBet is ready to assist you in reaching this goal!

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