How to cheat pokies?

how to cheat pokies

Most players at least once visited the idea of hacking online pokies, beat it and hit the jackpot. Some say that it’s realistically possible, others that it’s impossible. Of course, if it is possible to beat the machine, it is not easy to do this; it takes a long time and effort. It is impossible to cheat the machine in most cases, since they have strong firmware, but you can improve the quality of the game itself and increase the return on the slot.

Tip 1: Practice

Before starting the game for money, it is important to choose the machine that you like. Remember that this must be a well-known and popular machine. The basic rule of the machine is that every three spins of the drum it should bring a win, if this does not happen, play on other online pokies. If, however, the machine brings winnings too often, for example, three spins of the reels in a row - these is also not worth attention for a lot of money. Examine the frequency and probability of occurrence of special characters before you start investing in the slot.

Tip 2: Protect Yourself

Safety is what should be your slogan, gambling. There are several ways to protect yourself from sudden losses:

  1. Start the game only in a sober state and in a good mood;
  2. Allocate only your own money for the game, and not the savings of the family budget;
  3. To control yourself and not try to recoup when you lose;
  4. Set for yourself a personal time limit and the amount that you can spend on the game.
  5. Play the online pokies yourself without pressing the auto start mode. In addition, remember, if the slot does not give a return after two spins of the drum, it will not work to win big money.

Tip 3: Introduce a Strategy

The correct game strategy is a frequent practice of many gamers. Own strategy needs to be calculated for a long time, studying and playing on only one pokies. The strategy can be based on the outgoing symbols of the game, on bonus rounds, but it is recommended to adhere to several rules that experienced players have calculated:

  1. Do not go beyond your own bet limit without raising it after each successful rotation;
  2. The chance to win the jackpot is higher on those pokies on which its amount is lower;
  3. Play bonus offers and promotions from the casino, as this is an additional opportunity to hit the jackpot.

If you want to trick a virtual gaming slot, watch it work. Your task is to study the features of the control program. Even modern GNSs may not be ideal.

Is it possible to calculate the pokies on the network? Yes, but for this you will need both time and money. Make minimum bets and watch the results. You will notice how many active lines, and at what bets, brings winning combinations.

When visiting an online casino, it is important to know that the win is promised more than the higher the bet. This is a bitter lie. It is better to place minimum or average bets on all lines or high on several. Putting big bets on all lines at once is a direct way to lose.

Tip 4. You cheat the slot machine if you win

Therefore, remember:

  • If in 10 spins the slot did not give a single winning combination, change it. Do not wait when you “feed” him. You will spend all the money;
  • After 3 winning combinations in a row, also change the machine;
  • Having won 3 times more than you launched into the device, end the game.

Another very important point - buying a way to hack Internet machines

Now about whether it is possible to hack online pokies in the network in principle?

Theoretically, such an opportunity exists. Since any slots works thanks to software. But only an experienced hacker, having spent a huge amount of time and effort, will be able to find vulnerability in this complex software.

If you are asked to pay for a win-win way to trick, confidently refuse. You will spend money in vain, because:

  1. A hacker who has discovered a vulnerability is much more profitable not to sell his secret, but to personally use it;
  2. The casino security service will certainly detect a hack in the software. And so fast that you simply won’t have time to hit the jackpot.

Attempts to crack game software have been thwarted more than once. Therefore, those who wish to cheat online slots for gambling people should look for another solution.

The most effective way to cheat pokies is to abandon your own greed. Your task is to stay in the black and get positive emotions.

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